Learning new trends and products available in the industry is the best way to offer our clients the best options for their signage needs. Being a sign maker is not just a service for the individual client but a service in beautifying the community. All of the signage in your city or town isn’t only there to direct potential customers to their space but it goes further than that to add aesthetics to your home town thus attracting tourism. Tourism in turn brings income for growth. Seeing the big picture is a lot of responsibility for a sign company. We want to ensure we are providing the best visual displays for our portfolio, our clients, and our city.


Palladium Signs had the pleasure of attending the ISA (International Sign Association) Sign Expo 2016 in Orlando, Florida this past weekend in April. #ISAsigns Sign markers, distributors, dealers, technicians and marketing teams from all over the world attended the conference to share the latest trends and technology in the sign industry. It’s hard to even call it the sign industry anymore because the world of digital printing and light displays have moved beyond commercial advertising and have moved into the realm of interior design. With over 600 exhibitors and 200,000 square feet on the trade show floor there was a lot of information to absorb in one weekend. We are ready to share our knowledge of sign making with you!


Textiles are a hot new market for large format digital print makers. Exhibitors were anxious to show off what they can do. If you wanted to bring the outdoors in we have the means to print grass on floor graphics, we can print a lush forest on textured wall paper, we can print the night sky on fabric for your ceiling with a LED back light to make it really shine. To top if off there are a number of textiles that can be printed to accessorize the camping theme. If that is a little too creative for your business the textiles can also be incorporated into the interior design of your commercial space with subtle embellishments of your trademark. These options are also great for event planners who want to give their clients completely customized event spaces. We have so many options for printable media that ever before.


Light emitting displays aren’t new. However, they are improving. Not only are the LED’s smaller, brighter, and more versatile but the substrates used together with them in signage are improving how they react with the tiny light sources. New acrylics have entered the marked that use fewer LED’s to disperse the light evenly throughout the display. New designs in LED’s have also enabled greater resolution, wider viewing radius, and longevity of digital displays used to stream motion graphics on a large scale for indoor and outdoor use. Flexibility has also become a new feature of digital displays enabling moving graphics to be displayed on various shapes.


Attending the ISA Sign Expo was a great experience. Aside from all of the technical information gained it was a helpful way to see all of the sign making possibilities in one hands on environment. It was inspiring and definitely had us thinking of new ways to creatively combine the materials and their uses. It was also a pleasure to meet so many new people in the industry that can provide us with great products, assist us with business goals, and who were fellow sign makers like us that we look forward to hanging out with next year at the ISA Sign Expo Happy Hour.

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