LumaMedia vehicle wraps

As time goes by, more and more businesses around the world are using vehicle wraps and fleet graphics to advertise their products and services. The reason behind this is because vehicle wraps can be taken anywhere you take your car, and since it is a one-time investment, it is also very affordable and will last for many years.

However, standard vehicle wraps are not visible at night, meaning that you won’t be able to advertise your company at late-night events, or if just driving around town at night. Luckily for you, we are the exclusive Nashville sign company distributor of  LumaMedia, a technology that uses an extremely low electrical current to cause a reactive material to light up your vehicle wraps so that the advertisement can be seen 24 hours a day.

 LumaMedia technology

3 Benefits of LumaMedia Technology for Your Vehicle Wraps

Be Seen 24 Hours a Day

As stated before, with LumaMedia technology, you can be seen day and night, meaning more reach and capturing more people’s attention with the amazing illuminated designs. With that being said, no matter the time of the day, you will always be seen and can take full advantage of the vehicle wrap.  

Stand Out from Your Competition

When it is dark, the light will always attract our attention because that is how our brain works. Now, imagine how this fact can be used in your business marketing strategy. With LumaMedia solutions, you can be seen in dark areas and will stand out with beautiful designs that attract your potential buyers’ attention.

Accentuate Your Brand

Brand recognition is vital for a business to grow and be successful. Hence, every opportunity that helps increase your brand’s chances to be noticed should be taken. With LumaMedia, you have an excellent opportunity to accentuate your brand thanks to its power to attract people’s attention and to remember your company’s name.

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