Which Option is Right for Your Greater Nashville Area Business?

LumaMedia vehicle wrapsDepending on your individual business, either option is a good choice. The fact, however, that vinyl car wraps are simply more versatile in terms of design has a lot of businesses opting that way. This is due in large part to a believe that vinyl car wraps look better and more professional, and are likely to out-compete vinyl decals in the arena of public opinion. There’s a good deal of sense to that, but consider also your individual business and the extent to which you use your vehicles on the road. For obvious reasons, businesses that make home deliveries or work in home service are going to be more interested in the investing that money in top quality vehicle wraps, whereas those that don’t might be better served by spending their marketing budget elsewhere.

Comparing Vehicle Wraps and Decals

The major difference is that vinyl vehicle wraps cover the entire vehicle while decals are basically stickers attached to the outside of the vehicle. For that reason, vinyl vehicle wraps are both more durable and can protect the outside surface of your company’s vehicles. On the other hand, vehicle wraps can represent a significant investment, so once again it boils down to be worth investing your marketing budget in that way. The more out-of-office business you do, the more impressions you create on the street, and the more worthwhile the investment is.

For all intents and purposes, vehicle wrapping is the better looking option. Whether the cost warrants the expenditure, however, depends entirely on your individual business and your willingness to deploy your marketing budget in that way.

Interested in Wrapping Your Company Vehicle or Fleet?

Palladium Signs can help you with that. Palladium Signs has state of the art facilities that will ensure that your vehicles or equipment gets wrapped properly. Contact us for a quote today!

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