Sometimes, simple works better. A well-designed sign can be your best ally in grabbing people’s attention.

Tips for Creating Attractive Signs

Solid signage and graphics can be really effective when it comes to catching people’s eye. Once they look at your sign, you have only a split second to convince them to keep looking before they decide to look away. That’s why understanding the basics of sign design is so important. Following these three tips will lead you to sign design success.

CContrast and Legibilityontrast and Legibility

Foreground elements should stand out against background design in harmony, drawing people in and making it easy for them to read, understand, and retain the content, which brings us to the next point.

Compelling Color

Color choices are crucial in designing a good sign. It can be tempting to follow the current color trend, but keep in mind that all trends go out of style. The colors you choose should not only stay true to your brand’s personality but also help generate good contrast in the design for all elements to be cohesive.

“Studies have shown that 80 percent of the recognition of a trademark is due to its color,”

Source: Entrepreneur

Font Style and Size

Avoid using more than two fonts in the same design. You can improve legibility by using a larger font and bold lettering.

“A good rule of thumb might be 10 feet per inch of letter height,” Budev says. “So lettering with 10 inches of height may have the best impact at 100 feet distance.”

Great Sign Design That Makes You Stand Out

At Palladium Signs, we are specialists in sign design and are committed to delivering the best quality and value to you and your business. Great signage can be perfect to backup your marketing strategy and give you a competitive edge. Have a project you’d like to discuss? Give us a call today.

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