Sign placement is as important as its design. A poorly placed sign is the same as no sign at all. Wisely consider where to put it, and you’ll see its benefits come to life.

A Well-Placed Sign is an Effective Sign

“Location, location, location.” Surely, you’ve heard that phrase before. It usually refers to the site of a property, and how choosing the right one is essential. But this can certainly be applied to many other things, like signs. You could have a great sign design meant to back up a well-rounded, well thought-out marketing strategy, but if you end up putting that signage up in the wrong location, its effectiveness will surely be lost.

Put Yourself in Your Audience’s Shoes

One thing that will guide you in the right direction when trying to determine the best location for a sign is to think like the audience you want your sign to be exposed to. Check out other signs near your desired location and analyze if they are getting the attention you want.

Placing Signs at the Right Angle

Study Exposure and Visibility

For a sign to be easily seen and read, it must be installed at a strategic angle to your target customers. Some sign analysts have agreed that placing a sign at eye level is much more effective in attracting customer’s attention, especially when targeting pedestrians. However, placing signs up on the sides of buildings at a much higher angle can have a great impact on drivers, if the building is located in a high traffic area.

Perfect Placement and Killer Design: The Perfect Combo

To make sure you get all the benefits out of your investment in signage, pair great sign design with a good location. Our graphics team at Palladium Signs is prepared to come up with amazing new design concepts that will set your business apart. We take care of every detail, from concept and design to production and installation, so you don’t have to worry about anything. Let’s talk and team up on your next signage project.

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