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Clear Bra Is the Best Protection for Your Vehicle’s Paint in Nashville

Every time you hit the road, your vehicle is exposed to stone chips, scratches, bumps, dents, and many other external factors that could cause exterior damage to its surface. Clear Bra is an affordable way to protect your car against all these elements and keep the paint in excellent condition.  

What Is Clear Bra?

Clear Bra is a colorless polyurethane film that is manually installed by our professional technicians on any type of vehicle. It is designed to create a shield between your car’s external components and the elements. It can be installed partially or entirely to protect the hood, bumpers, doors, and roof.

These Are the Clear Bra Options We Offer


ULTIMATE™ is a virtually invisible urethane film that has high-end technology that allows the film to heal itself when scratched or swirl marks.


This protective film is the perfect solution to protect your satin paint wraps against scratches and other potential hazards out there.  


The XTREME™ has been specially designed to be almost invisible thanks to its lack of texture.


If what you like is adventure, this 13 mm protection film has been designed for off-road, commercial, and industrial vehicles.

Car Paint Protection

Palladium Signs: Elegant Commercial Signage Products at Your Reach   

If you need a high-quality Clear Bra for your vehicle or any other premium signage products for your company, we are here for you. Our professional designers are always searching for new and innovative products to offer our clients, and we look forward to being your trusted source for your advertising needs.

Contact us at 615-462-5383 or browse our website and request a free quote, and let our professional staff take care of your commercial graphics needs in Nashville.

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