There are a number of attractive signage products available for your Fort Collins business, but navigating through the choices isn’t always as easy or intuitive as perhaps it could be. The first thing to consider is local zoning regulations. There may be restrictions on the size or type of sign you’re allowed to have based on the district. There can also be restrictions on the type of content the sign displays and things as trivial as the color of the sign. So it’s best to check these things out prior to paying for an expensive sign. That being said, these are some of the better options available.

Glass Tube Light Signs

For businesses that operate after sundown, glass tube lights are one of the top commercial signage products. Restaurants and pubs routinely invest in these types of signs, but it’s worth noting that they’re also among the most expensive options available, and the number can get quite high depending on the design complexity and the degree of detail involved in the construction of the sign.

Monument Style Rock Signs

Monument rock signs are an extremely class option, particularly for businesses with buildings that have large entrance ways or are very large. There primary function is to attract drive traffic, and when a building is recessed deeply off the sidewalk, a monument sign of some kind is practically essential. The stone material takes some craftsmanship to work with, but the possibilities are endless with the medium. The cost for smaller businesses however may be prohibitive.

Awning Signs

Awning signs are a popular choice because they’re cost effective and look quite lovely. Restaurants and coffee shops often gravitate toward awning signs, but many retail businesses employ them as well. Cost will vary based on how much material is used, but they also save a business money on monthly energy bills.

Work With a Company that Understands Your Needs

The marketing elements of designing the perfect sign are more numerous than most folks give them credit for being. That’s why Palladium, the best sign company in the Greater Nashville Area, has gone out of our way to keep up to date on the cutting edge of design theory and practice. If you want a world-class sign, contact us today!

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