Premium vinyl wraps

Change Your Vehicle’s Look Using Unique Effects and Designs with Custom Vinyl Wraps

Vehicle wraps are much more than a cost-effective marketing product. With premium vinyl wraps, you can choose from a wide selection of colors to customize your ride and stand out from the rest with class and style.

At Palladium Signs, we use world-class vinyl materials from 3M, Avery, Orafol, Vivid, and other top vehicle wrap manufacturers; plus, our talented designers can create just about any design to suit your style. So, if you want to change your car’s color but are still not convinced, here are some additional reasons why you should choose a vehicle wrap to customize your ride.


Vehicle wraps are the most cost effective way to change your car’s look. While regular paint job prices can range from $2,000 to $10,000 depending on size, color, and quality of the paint used, our premium vehicle graphics, installed by our professional staff, can cost 50% to 75% less.  

Resale Value

One of the biggest advantages of using custom vehicle wraps to change the way your car looks is that the manufacturer’s original paint is maintained, so when you decide to sell it, you just need to remove the vinyl wrap, and the vehicle keeps a higher value.


With our high-quality vehicle wraps, the original car’s paint will be protected since the vinyl material will act as a shield against objects that could harm the surface. Once the vinyl is removed, the paint remains the same as the day you installed the wrap.

Easy Maintenance

Once you get your wrap installed by a Palladium Signs specialist, no waxing will be needed, so you get to save time and money when washing your vehicle. Additionally, it won’t require any special care maintenance, just a good wash once in a while.

Installation Time

Installing a vehicle wrap at our graphic design shop is a process that it will take only a few days, whereas repainting your whole car can take two weeks or more.  

Customize your vehicle

Let’s Get in Touch and Get Things Wrapped up

Contact us today and request a free estimate so we can help you customize your vehicle with your own personal style. Our client specialists are ready to take your call and give you all the assistance you need, or browse our website and discover all the vehicle wraps options we have available for you.

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