Produce durable, vibrant banners

You see them at festivals, trade shows, parking lot sales and anywhere that retailers and service providers seek to get the attention of the public. Printed vinyl and fabric banners are the ideal advertising solution for seasonal sales, one night events, markdowns, special offers or new service options. Shoppers understand that retailers do not bring out these signage products unless the deal is temporary in nature. As a result, they pay close attention to your message.

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Banner Materials – Many Applications Create Many Opportunities

Reinforced Banner

Surprise and impress your customers and win new ones with this compelling alternative to PVC scrim. At 180 g/m2 (5 oz.), HDPE Reinforced Banner offers the image quality, durability, and tear strength of standard 440 g/m2 (13-oz.) vinyl. Optimized with HP Latex Inks and using proprietary HP media technology, you get the ideal solution for your retail needs, signage solutions, and street pole banners. And it’s recyclable through the HP Large Format Media take-back program.

Light Fabric

Differentiate your offering with a compelling alternative to PVC for banners and displays. This flame-resistant light fabric is also REACH compliant and OEKO-tex® certified to help you and your customers meet high health and safety standards1. Create high-impact displays and banners for events and retail POP. This economically priced polyester fabric produces brilliant prints that resist creases and wrinkles. Offer custom work and optimize the cost advantages of this easy-to-use, knitted polyester fabric. And, discover new profit potential with this versatile, lightweight textile.


Experience the versatility and value of recyclable  Everyday Matte Polypropylene. Produce prints with vibrant color and eye-catching image quality across a wide range of indoor and outdoor applications. Maintain peak productivity with this tear-resistant film that enables easy handling. And, deliver durable prints that achieve indoor, in-window display permanence up to 6 months; outdoor display permanence up to 3 months.

Mesh and Perforated Banner

Wind and storms can be disastrous for temporary signage. Certain seasons or locations my see an increase in wind conditions and require a lightweight material that allows optimal airflow. This is ideals for fence banners, pole banners, double sides signs, and flags.