Have you ever wondered how signage came to be, or what was the first sign created for and how they became such a popular media of advertising? We’ll tell you a little about the evolution of sign materials.

A Brief Signage History Class

The term “signage” basically refers to any kind of visual graphics that are created with the purpose of displaying information to a particular audience. Signs have been used to transmit feelings and advertise products or services for the longest time. We’ve come a long way since the days of cave painting and now have all kinds of modern signage that is responsible for the brightness that characterizes places like Times Square in NYC.

Professional Signage Solutions

More Than 40000 Years in the Making

Like we mentioned before, signage has been around since the primitive era, approximately around 40000 BC. Cave paintings, remember? Then we moved on to Egyptian hieroglyphics and then to signs made of stone or terra cotta, used to depict symbols to identify businesses around the time of the Greeks and Romans. However, it wasn’t until the 1900s that trade signs started to peak in popularity, specifically around the 70s, when businesses around the world decided to spend some cash on their branding and advertising. Initially, it was all about banners, murals, and billboards, but over time, signage companies started to play around with other materials and technologies, and the element of creativity became more evident and much more necessary.

It’s been a long time coming to get to where we are now. Signage is no longer just for the big companies. There are all kinds of different price ranges that allow even the smallest businesses to afford a trade sign as a way to advertise for their brands. Signage is one of the most efficient advertising and promotional marketing tools. Contact us today to find out about the wide variety of graphic advertisements we offer. At Palladium Signs, we are full of fresh ideas and innovative sign options made with the greatest quality materials. Let’s make signage history together!

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