Highly involved employees are one of the most important components of business success. Team building activities and performance appraisal initiatives are popular employee engagement methods, but did you ever imagine digital signage could help, too?

How Digital Signage Can Impact Employee Engagement

When people feel a part of something, they become motivated, and motivated people work harder. There’s tons of evidence to back that up. Happy, engaged employees are the backbone of any efficient and highly profitable organization. Why? Well, when employee engagement is high, productivity increases, the turnover rate decreases, and the quality of work improves. Sounds like investing in employee engagement could really pay off, no?

The Bureau of National Affairs states, “U.S. businesses lose $11 billion annually as a result of employee turnover.”

Source: ICX Association

Here are three ways in which digital signage can help you engage with your employees:

Sign Communicating What An Organization's Culture is AboutCommunicate What Your Organization’s Culture is About

It’s important for employees to know and understand what they’re a part of. Communicating what’s important to your company and its beliefs and goals is a great way to drive employee engagement. Sharing testimonials that reflect client satisfaction will generate awareness about the value of the work you do and will also help keep people motivated.

Recognize Your Employees

Acknowledging the great work that your employees produce is essential when you want to generate a great company atmosphere. When goals are met, big or small, why not let everyone know about it? You can put up digital displays showing your company metrics, or use them to name every month’s key team players. Giving people credit for their achievements will certainly boost productivity.

Provide a Fun Twist to the Corporate Atmosphere

Use murals, wallpapers, and other graphics to your advantage to give your office a fresh, creative vibe using pictures, quotes, birthday reminders, and other content. You can prepare quarterly contests of different sorts to engage with different types of employees, and you can display their creations around the office using signage. Ideas are endless.

Communication has a lot to do with employee engagement. Digital signage can play a big role in how to connect with your workforce. At Palladium Signs, we offer signs that are rare in quality and value, and we can definitely give you a hand in providing value to your employees. Time to get creative together. Let’s talk!

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