Waiting in line can seem like an inevitable waste of time for customers, but there’s no reason why businesses should view it the same way. What if you could turn that waiting time into something that could rev up your sales?

Using Signage to Make the Most Out of Your Customer’s Waiting Time

Digital Signage for your business in NashvilleWaiting in line is a necessary evil. If customers like a brand or a business, they will most likely need to wait in line at a certain store at some point or another. Businesses can turn that waiting time into an opportunity to engage and connect with their audience, and digital signage is the perfect tool for the job. Here are two tips that can turn that waiting time into something more productive.

Make Your Audience Forget They’re Waiting

What do most people do when they’re waiting in line? Looking at their phones and refreshing their news feed might be at the top of the list. That is a sign of boredom. Get rid of that uncomfortable waiting silence and jazz things up with some good content they can look at while they wait.

When presented with decent content, most people will take the opportunity to engage with it, at least the first time.

You can find a strategic place for a digital display and show some highlights of your social media account and share company news, innovative ideas, and relevant info. You could even resort to interactive games to keep people entertained.

Time for your marketing message to be sent

Avoid the “Sales Pitch” Approach

Whatever you do, do not bombard your clientele with excessive promotions and other sales efforts. You want to engage with your customers, not bore them and scare them away. Instead of turning your waiting line into an ongoing advertisement segment, feel free to implement creative ways to communicate with your audience through different types of signage.

Let Us Help You Bond with Your Customers

At Palladium Signs, we are proud to offer so much variety for your digital signage needs. We also have a graphics team that can help you create new design concepts and branding for your business. You can resort to banners, murals, walk-on graphics, and many other things to turn that line outside your door into an opportunity to provide added value to your customers. Give us a call today.

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