LED Displays are an innovative way to get your message across. A moving image is much more effective at grabbing the attention than a still image and opens up new uses for signage. In this post, we’re looking at possible applications for LED signs.

Updating Employees

An LED sign can be used to give status updates to workers. The display can change to show the progress towards delivery, the number of calls handled, sales made, or the status of the network. If there is information that would be useful for a whole team of employees to be able to see in real time, use an LED sign.

Health & Safety Information

Have you heard of sign fatigue? It happens when people are faced with too many signs at once, or if they see the same signs, in the same place, every day. The brain either can’t take that many things in at once or just phases what you see out because it is so familiar.

In the case of health & safety signs, this can be a real problem. LED signs are a great solution in this case; they can be programmed to cycle through different warnings, and because they are on the move, there is less chance of brain fade.


Make an impact with visitors, especially if your reception is often unmanned. Having an LED sign can greet your visitors with a welcoming message and give them a great first impression of your company. What the sign displays can be carefully chosen to say something particular about who your firm is, and what they do.

Outdoor Signage

Art & Entertainment

LED sign installations are a versatile medium. Your imagination is the limit when it comes to what you can do with them. If you have a long queue or a waiting area, you could use these signs to show artwork or entertain your customers while they wait for your attention.

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