LumaMedia Technology

What Is LumaMedia Technology?

LumaMedia is an innovative product that can be used in vehicle wraps, signs, and even dance floors. Its purpose is to light up your custom graphics by using an extremely low electrical current to cause a reactive component to light up. The material used in our LumaMedia technology is very flexible and resistant, and as thin as a credit card. It can be applied to any type of vehicle out there.  

How Can I Benefit from Using LumaMedia Signage?

The purpose of LumaMedia is to light up your vehicle graphics so they can be seen at night, accentuating your brand and marketing display. This is one of the most innovative and distinctive advertising tools you will currently find in the market, being very helpful to showcase any message and make you stand out from your competitors.

Most importantly, your graphic wrap will be remembered, improving brand awareness while driving at night around town. So, with LumaMedia, you are not only getting a different and highly attractive product but also a marketing tool you can use 24 hours a day since your vehicle wraps can be seen day and night.

Get Lit Up with LumaMedia by Palladium Signs

LumaMedia distributor in NashvilleIf you are a business owner in Nashville and want to take your advertising efforts to the next level, Palladium Sign’s LumaMedia technology is what you are looking for. We are proud to be the exclusive LumaMedia distributor in Nashville, and we are ready to hook you up with amazing graphics and design solutions for your commercial needs.

Contact us today and let us help you stand out with custom vehicle graphics lighted up with LumaMedia. We are sure that once we are done, your vehicle fleet will be the center of attention, meaning more business for you.

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