Holographic Display Benefits

Creating visual experiences and 3D content that leaves memorable impressions of your brand is one of the most effective ways to attract your customers’ attention. At Palladium Signs, we are experts in building powerful holographic displays to unleash the true power of the Dreamoc, creating an unparalleled visual experience.

Innovative 3D Solutions to Convert Viewers into Customers

In a crowded marketplace where advertising products are everywhere, people are becoming increasingly desensitized to regular adverts. Being able to incorporate innovative advertising solutions into your marketing campaign is vital to captivate your potential buyer’s attention and stand out from the rest.

Our holographic displays are the perfect way to create amazing 3D experiences. Here are our display specifications:

Amazing 3D experiences

POP3 Size (WxDxH): 18 x 14 x 18 in Weight: 28.6 lb

HD3 Size (WxDxH): 22 x 16.5 x 13.58 in Weight: 39.6 lb

XL2 Size (WxDxH): 46 x 29 x 20.8 in Weight: 143.3 lb

Scandinavia 360 Size (WxDxH): 16.9 x 16.9 x 13 in Weight: 33 lb

Scandinavia XXL 180 Size (WxDxH): 70 x 70 x 96.88 in Weight: 441 lb

Scandinavia XXL 360 Size (WxDxH): 70 x 70 x 96.8 in Weight: 441 lb

Palladium Signs: Custom Designs for Commercial Needs

Whether it’s a beautiful holographic display, custom made fleet graphics, premium outdoor signs, or attractive interior signs for your office, Palladium Signs can make your voice and vision a reality.  

Powerful holographic displays

We encourage you to browse our website and go to our blog section to read more about our products and how we can help you attract your potential customers with innovation and quality. Also, feel free to request a free quote and contact us if you have any questions or concerns so we can start planning your marketing strategy and make your business shine.

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