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So where do signs fit into this marketing schema? The purpose of signs is to help you grow. They fit at the beginning, at the end—and all in between.

Let me explain.

At the beginning

You need signs at the beginning of your marketing efforts because you have to tell people that you exist. That is—if they’re ever going to find you. Whether your business is in a strip mall complex, a stand alone building, or you’re just working out of your home, you need to tell people This is where I am, This is where you find me. That’s what signs do in the most primal sense. They signal to people where you are.

Getting a physical sign for your store is like getting a website. If a business’s audience is primarily online, their first task is to get a web domain. This is the first way that you get people to see their products. By simply putting up a “sign”—that is a web domain—potential customers can come into your “place” (an online store). This is like a physical sign marketing—get a sign in the beginning.

In the end

A sign is the first thing customers and potential customers see. That’s why I say it’s at the beginning. But signs are important at the end, as well. This is because even after you’ve done all your marketing to bring people into your store, even if the customer’s already made the decision to buy your services, they still need to find you! Your sign let’s them know they’ve come to the right place.

Even more, your sign is the last thing people see when they leave. For example, take a service professional like a plumber, HVAC, or home repair professional, for example. The last impression these professionals leave is the sign on their vehicle (their car wrap or vinyl lettering). When they work on a home, the first and last thing the customer sees is their vehicle’s exterior signage. That’s why they need to ask, What’s the first impression people might have when we pull up to or leave their house? You may need to ask yourself a similar question. You can make a great, lasting impression with a great sign.

Everything in the middle

While your sign is the first and last thing people see, they also add texture to your marketing as you grow. Signs can leave a lasting impact, and reinforce your brand. That’s why I say signs are everything in the middle too.

But you may be wondering With so many marketing methods today, why should a company have physical signs anymore? That’s a question that we at Palladium answer all the time. So let me give you the main reasons for making quality signs a priority in your strategy.

Increase your brand presence through signs

So how do you take your brand’s presence in the marketplace and leverage quality signs to increase your visibility? Here’s a few steps that should jump start your efforts.

First Step: Look at what you already have and ask yourself, Is it working? Don’t to add more of what you’re doing is it’s not working for you. If you answer no to this question, it’s time to rebrand.

Second Step: If what you’re doing is working, then you need to ask, Why? What is it that’s working exactly? Answering this question will help you know what to do next.

As always, we’re glad to help you brainstorm you as you consider your company’s branding and think about how to put that brand out there. Give us a call! The number is (615) 462-5383.

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