For manyf businesses, signs are a perfunctory expenditure that helps interested customers find a business easier. But treating signs is a mistake, say leading marketing researchers. Customers are much more likely to frequent a business that has a sign that appeals to them aesthetically. One report showed that 76% of customers have gone into an establishment simply because they liked the sign, and nearly 70% of customers would see a lack of a sign, or shabby signage as a major deterrent.

Signs are an Integral Part of an Effective Marketing Strategy

Greater Nashville Area businesses that want to make a major impression on their customers need to be thinking about branding and marketing in at least 2 domains. For businesses that offer services as opposed to goods, investing in high quality vehicle wraps alongside developing a strategy for outreach over social media and the internet is the way to go. For businesses that offer goods as opposesd to services, high quality outdoor business signage alongside an intelligently deployed social media campaign makes more sense.

It’s All About Making Impressions

In the businesses world, perception is reality and businesses that scrimp on signs are putting themselves at a serious disadvantage. For a customer, seeing that you’ve invested in high quality signs is a sign of success, attention to detail, and research has shown that customers do have a tendency to believe that a business with great signs is more likely to deliver a better quality of goods and services. Signs are a great investment for Nashville Area businesses!

Palladium Signs Offers Greater Nashville Area Businesses the Cutting Edge in Marketing Strategy

Palladium prides itself on being one of the most up-to-date companies in the area in terms marketing innovations. We can also help newer businesses design logos, signs, vehicle wraps and more. Let our company help yours. Contact us today!


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