LumaMedia Provides Your Vehicle Wrap with 24 Hour Visibility

There are a number of awesome reasons why LumaMedia vehicle wraps are worth the investment for your Nashville based business. Here are some of the major ones.

Custom signage products in NashvilleConsider the Impact of the Impression

Vehicle wraps when expertly designed make an incredible impression on passersby. Consider the impact however of a vehicle wrap that glows throughout the night. While there are some businesses that wouldn’t want the added expenditure since they do most of their business between the hours 8am and 5pm, there are a number of businesses that could benefit from adding a LumaMedia vehicle wrap to their company vehicle or fleet. The impression these wraps make in contrast to your typical vehicle graphics is astounding. They can also be used by safety vehicles such as ambulances and police cars so that they add visibility at night.

Illuminated Vehicle Wraps are NOT Reflective

This means that they don’t require an external source of light in order to glow in the dark. They are internally illuminated and can draw the attention of potential future customers from a great distance.

Delivery Services are Excellent Candidates for LumaMedia Vehicle Wraps

Food delivery and other delivery services do much of their business after the sun has gone down. This means that they in particular can benefit from LumaMedia’s illuminated vehicle wraps. Consider the possibilities here. Hungry folks on their way back home from somewhere see your company vehicle making a delivery. They themselves realize that they can use something to eat and give your restaurant a call. That’s the power of illuminated vehicle wraps; the ability to make impressions all hours of the day.

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