In order to have a successful vinyl wrapping facility, you must really know what you’re doing. If done improperly, vinyl wraps can rip and tear due to variations in heat, which is why they must be installed in a hotter temperature, so that they’re pre-shrunk. But they’ve become so popular nowadays, that Nashville residents are wrapping more than just their vehicles with vinyl. They’re using vinyl to wrap just about everything!

Commercial vehicle fleet in NashvilleVinyl Can Basically Wrap Anything

Ask yourself if a particular object can be painted. If the answer is yes, then it can be wrapped too. While vehicle wrapping is by far the most popular use for vinyl wraps, musicians are now wrapping their guitars with it too. Company equipment can be wrapped as well, usually at lower cost than costly paint jobs that hurt the resale value of equipment. Restaurants are wrapping their coolers, and refrigerators, and it’s become more popular to find Zambonis at hockey games have advertising wraps on them. We’ve actually had folks ask to wrap their golf carts!

Do you like expensive hardwood floors but aren’t thrilled by either the upkeep or the cost? You can simply get a vinyl veneer instead! Floor graphics are becoming much more popular, and vinyl wraps make the process quick and easy. Vinyl is pretty durable, so it will last a good long time, and if you get sick of the color, it’s much easier to replace.

Laptops, bike helmets, motorcycles, and more! There is literally no limit to what vinyl wraps can accomplish. With photo-realistic graphics and no alteration to the surface, vinyl is disposable, and can simply be removed.

Interested in Wrapping Your Vehicle or Anything Else?

Palladium Signs can help you with that. Palladium Signs has state of the art facilities that will ensure that your vehicles or equipment gets wrapped properly. Contact us for a quote today!


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