Here at Palladium signs, we work a lot with Fort Collins businesses that are just getting started and figuring out their branding strategy and their business marketing needs. What makes this a particularly difficult time for newer businesses is that they have to operate on two fronts, one of which didn’t exist until 20 years ago. The first front obviously, is your physical location and the second front, of course, is your digital presence on the internet. Successful businesses, even those that do the majority of their commerce in house, need to have an internet presence nowadays.

Coordinating Meat Space Branding with Cyber Space Branding

The elements you’ll need to develop your brand must be coordinated in both realms. That means coming up with logos, slogans, and signage that can operated effectively in both realms. While minor variations may be necessary to adapt them to the unique presence of both spaces, you’re not going to want to fiddle too much with your color scheme, change your logo, or have different slogans.

The major thing to consider here is that both web space marketing and real world marketing cost a significant amount of money. It helps for businesses to have a keen sense of what they want to do before they go ahead and contract the labor to sign companies, like us, or web development and marketing teams.

Palladium Specializes in Digital Design

Our team at Palladium has a wide range of expertise on various forms of marketing, visual design, environmental design, logo design, and branding. We also have the capacity to fabricate amazing signs, holographic displays, and 3D content. For those that need a design specialist to work with them on elements of their design strategy, branding, and logo development, Palladium Signs is happy to help newer businesses create eye catching logos, and confidence inspiring slogans.

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