There are tons of tools for advertising, but did you ever consider your floor to be one of them? Floor graphics can turn an ordinary floor into a fun and effective way to engage with your customers.

Make an Impact with Walk-On Graphics

Floor graphics, or walk-on graphics as we like to call them, are gaining their spot in the advertising world. Little by little, we’ve discovered that putting graphics on the floor can be a powerful and compelling way to attract your client’s attention. People have a natural tendency to walk looking down, so why not take advantage of that to get your message across?

What Are Floor Graphics?

As you can imagine by the name, floor graphics are a type of advertising signage that is placed on the floor and is meant to be walked on. These graphics intend to promote products that might be nearby, guide customers to a particular location in the store or building, or can also be used to communicate promotional information. Walk-on graphics are durable decals made of adhesive vinyl that doesn’t easily peel off and can stand a lot of traffic.

Getting the Best Out of Your Walk-On Graphics

Floor graphics on their own are just giant decals. It is where they are installed that determines how successful they will be. Here are a few things to take into account before installing them:

Palladium Signs Walk-On GraphicsConsider Traffic Flow

Floor signage is, in fact, meant to be placed in areas of high traffic. So, before you decide where to put your walk-on graphic, make sure it will be exposed to a large volume of people if you want it to be successful.

Take Weather Conditions into Account

It can be tempting to put them right at the entrance but avoid placing them near areas that are exposed to rain, snow, sand or salt, as this could affect their durability.

Be Mindful of Floor Surface and Safety Factors

Different surfaces will require various types of material to keep the aesthetics up to par. Most likely, they will also need to be paired with anti-slip material for safety reasons.

Communicate Everywhere with Digital Printing

Now you can connect with your audience through engaging graphics that can be placed anywhere and everywhere. From ceiling graphics to wall graphics and floor graphics, any place is a good canvas for you to get your message across. Give us a call if you want to learn more.

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