Commercial Outdoor Signage

Commercial signs are crucial for every business, no matter its size or line of industry. It gives identity to their brand and lets people know about the company and the products and services that it offers. For this reason, it is not only important to have an attractive custom sign but to also include essential information based on your business strategy so that your marketing expectations are met.

What to Include in Your Outdoor Custom Sign

If your outdoor signage is for advertising purposes and for your target audience to know about your company, then it must contain the following information:

Brand Logo

Creating brand awareness should always be a priority in your marketing campaign. When your potential customers recognize your brand, it will give them confidence and will most likely want to buy products and services from a company they know and trust.


An assertive message will create more engagement and better possibilities of making contacts and attracting new customers to your business. Most of the people who read your sign will only have a few seconds to do it, so the message should be short and straight to the point.

Call To Action

If the primary purpose of your outdoor signage is to gain new customers, then it should always have a call to action to encourage the viewers to get in touch with your company and buy from you.


First impressions are the most important; therefore, choosing the right colors, contrast, letter size, and type is absolutely vital to make your custom signage look beautiful and attractive.

Professional Signage Solutions

Professional Signage Solutions Made by Professional Designers

At Palladium Signs, we not only design and manufacture amazing and innovative signs but also help you make the smartest decision based on your business needs and marketing strategy. We encourage you to contact us and let us know about the signage project you have in mind so we can start planning the best way to proceed and help you take your business goals to a whole new level.

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