Why Vinyl Wrapping is a Cost-Effective Alternative for Nashville Drivers

Whether you’re buying new or used, a lot of buyers end up getting forced into the position of purchasing a car or truck in a color that they aren’t entirely in love with just because it’s the right vehicle for their needs. In years past, the only choice for those folks was to go out and have the car repainted at great cost. Nowadays, there’s a new choice, vinyl car wrapping, which can effectively give the appearance of an entirely new paint job without one dollop of paint ever touching the surface of your vehicle. Why is this the better option?

Vinyl Wrapping is Much Cheaper than a Whole New Paint Job

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Paint jobs can run you up to $10,000 depending on the quality of the paint and the quality of the service, but vinyl wraps max out at around $5000 even for the highest quality materials and the most elaborate designs. Granted that most folks that are simply interested in a new color will not need an overly intricate design, so it’s likely to be much more cost effective to have your vehicle wrapped as opposed to painted.

Vinyl Wrapping Offers More Choices

With paint, you’re limited regarding color to the number of factory paints produced for cars. Vinyl wraps, on the other hand, can be produced in an infinite number of colors and on top of that, can have logos and designs easily printed and installed on them.

Ease of Maintenance

Vinyl wrapping is much easier to maintain that paint. It will never need to be buffed or waxed.

Interested in Wrapping Your Vehicle or Anything Else?

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