Illuminated Signs

Turn ordinary signage into eye-catching displays

Brighten any retail environment, giving prints, photos or translucent graphics the ability to stand out! Light box displays, light panels hold graphics with thin edge lit framing. Some units feature a profile of less than an inch. Movie theaters are known for using movie poster light boxes indoors & outdoors to present upcoming movies. When placed in a waiting room or retail store, these poster light boxes provide a back lit image holder that stands out from the wall. Promotional graphics will be noticed by your customers in these illuminated displays. Back lit graphics come alive with bright lighting, attracting more attention from potential customers.

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Where are light boxes commonly seen?

  • These light box displays are popular for framing movie posters or prints. Restaurants use this illuminated light box display to advertise a menu or dinner special.
  • These edge lit frames are often seen in airports advertising car rentals, hotels, retail, trade shows and other services.

What kind of materials can graphics be printed on to use with back lit displays?

  • Film, PET Film
  • Fabric and Stretch Fabric
  • Vinyl and Translucent Adhesives
  • Poster Paper

What type of light source is used with each light box display?

  • Some of these units utilize LED technology as the primary light source.
  • Light diffusing acrylic can be added to a display to minimize the number of LEDs to a single strip
  • LumaMedia is the thinnest way to allow graphics to shine at night that is weather resistant, clear in fog, and uses a cool light.