Signage Matters for Retail Businesses

One recently-conducted study polled consumers on the effectiveness of signs. 76% said that they at one point or another decided to go into a store, just because they liked the sign. 66% said that they were more likely to recommend a business to a friend if they liked the signage and logo design. Around 60% said that a lack of signage or poorly conceived design would be a major deterrent for them seeking out goods and services, and more than half indicated that they would take that as a sign of a poorer quality of products.

For retailers, this study vindicates decades worth of investment in branding and design. A successful marketing strategy for your Nashville business, and especially for retailers must depend on expertly deployed signage.

Interior Signage Matters Too

In keeping with this study, further inquiry into the effectiveness of digital signage revealed that customers within the store were much more likely to make larger purchases if there was digital signage that was advertising specials, new arrivals, or talking about various products that the store carried. While smaller businesses may not be able to afford an LED display, vinyl banners and other forms of in-house advertising can also improve customer spending.

Smartly Deployed A-Frames

A-Frames are one of the cheapest signage options a company can invest in, and yet there’s a welcoming quaintness to the A-frame that many folks appreciate. This is especially true for retail stores on major commercial strips that get a lot of foot traffic. They’re perfect for getting the attention of those walking down the street

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