Digital advertising has become the medium of choice, yet outdoor advertising is still very competitive. To keep that competitive edge, it is important to take certain things into account. Read on.

Tricks for Great Billboard Ads

For a few years now, digital everything has consumed us. Our eyes are usually down, not up, like they used to be. By no means does this mean that billboard advertising should be ignored. However, this is why it is crucial that whatever content you choose to put on a billboard ad generates an impact.

Attractive SignsKeep It Short and Sweet

When we’re exposed to a billboard, we are usually on the go. This means that no message that is too long to read quickly will have time to become relevant to the customer. Ideally, use six words or fewer. This varies a lot depending on the length of the words and the ease of reading.

Your Goal is to Attract, Not Distract

Of course. If you’re going all out on a billboard ad, you want to be noticed. There’s a fine line between attracting customers and distracting them. Surely, you don’t want to be responsible for any kind of accident. Avoid using content that attracts the wrong kind of attention.

Be Smart and Concise

You can leave a lasting impression on people by designing a smart billboard. If someone looks at your billboard and is left unsure of what the message is, the billboard is unsuccessful.

Outdoor signageLet Your Imagination Loose

There are so many ways in which you can get creative with your billboard design. Just make sure that what you choose to do adds value to the message you’re trying to get across. You can go for moving parts, 3D, or even animated billboards.

Be Mindful of Logo Size

Your logo is important, but it should not be the focal point of your billboard. Otherwise, it will distract from the main message.

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