The best part of the year is here. Cozy weather pairs up nicely with the anticipation of the holiday season. This is the perfect time to start planning how to increase your brand awareness for the days to come.

It’s Time to Work on Your Holiday Signage

Holiday Marketing StrategyThe time has come to start working on your digital signage needs for the upcoming holiday season. A solid holiday marketing strategy needs great signage to back up and turn expectations into reality.

During this season, store traffic increases and continues to build up until the Holidays. It’s the best moment to start engaging and communicating with your audience as they start to plan their holiday shopping.

Great signage needs good planning and solid execution to be effective. There are three distinct holiday shopping periods you should be planning for:

Before Thanksgiving

Some people like to plan everything with tons of time to spare. From October to November, this is the type of audience that needs to be reassured that your business is there to accompany them as they look for the perfect gift.

However, be soft in your approach. You don’t want to bombard them with piles of holiday signs and messages so early in the game. Jazz up some of your regular marketing content with some holiday flair every now and then.

Now, as you get closer to Thanksgiving, you can feel free to announce your promotions, but don’t disclose what will come next just yet.

Holiday Shopping

Thanksgiving to Mid-December

Thanksgiving Day brings the eagerness of Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and all of their incredible shopping deals. At this point, a countdown clock can come in very handy to develop a sense of urgency, making it impossible for customers to turn down your offers.

After that, you’re on the road to Christmas and customers are all about finding the best deals, but they’re also looking for the perfect gift for the people they don’t know what to get for yet, so suggestions are welcome.

Twelve Days of Christmas

Once you hit (or are about to hit) the mid-December mark, it’s go time. People are anxious to be done with their holiday shopping before malls collapse with the masses of people out there doing the same thing they are. This is a good time to remind your customers of gifts they might have forgotten about, and promote gift cards and other types of “unconventional presents.”

As we approach the holiday season, take advantage of the value of digital signage and start planning your strategy today. Palladium Signs is here to support you in all your signage projects, committing to providing you with the best quality every time.

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