As sign folks, we tend to be hyper-aware of the signs that businesses are using to attract their customers. But even for laypeople, signs play an important role in the decision-making process, is why businesses, small and large, invest in them as a major marketing expenditure. Restaurants can attract foot traffic by advertising their daily specials, and coffee shops have been using something as simple as chalkboard a-frames to give passersby a sense of personal touch.

Smaller Businesses Don’t Need to Make a Huge Investment to Make Signs Work for ThemContrast and Legibility

Something as simple as a chalkboard a-frame works for small coffee shops that thrive on foot traffic, encouraging folks walking by on the street to come in for a chat before work, or the sign could be used as space to advertise a special. Custom signage solutions like these offer something personal and folksy. An a-frame that’s also welcoming, whether it be of the chalkboard variety, or not. Newer businesses can welcome their new customers with grand opening sales, and the a-frame lets folks know that you welcome their business and are interested in meeting them.

It’s ideal in the early stages because it doesn’t require a huge monetary investment and yet can be a great way to attract interested customers.

Webpage Advertising

Nowadays, advertising your webpage is even more important than advertising your phone number. Indeed, if someone wants your phone number, they go to your webpage to get it. Usually, the first investment that a business makes regarding branding is the sign that’s physically located on their storefront. But a-frames are a great way to keep your customers thinking about your business even when they’re not passing by on the street, in the plaza you’re store is located in, or driving by. Not only does it create a welcoming atmosphere, but it allows you to advertise your social media pages, your webpage, and keep your customers apprised of the latest news related to your business.

A-Frames are a Great Form of Advertising for Small Businesses

A-Frames are an inexpensive way to advertise specials, web contact information, and sales. Palladium Signs can help your small business develop an attractive, professional a-frame, for a very manageable price, so contact us today.

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