LumaMedia Technology

What is LumaMedia?

LumaMedia is a technology to light up vehicle wraps, signs, and even dance floors by using an extremely low electrical current to cause a reactive material to light up. Our signage company is proud to be the exclusive Nashville distributor of LumaMedia, and today, we want to give you three ways you can take advantage of this innovative technology:

Safety Vehicles

Regardless of their particular use, safety vehicles need to be seen at all times. LumaMedia is a practical way to make these vehicle fleets stand out. Our professional staff can install cut vinyl decals, graphics, and individual markings for many law enforcement, fire, rescue, EMS, security, public safety, and towing agencies, and light them up with LumaMedia technology, no matter how many vehicles you have on your fleet and what they are used for.

Customize Your Ride

There is no better way to customize your vehicle than with custom vehicle wraps, and if you really want to stand out from the crowd, adding some light to it with LumaMedia is the way to go.

24/7 Advertising

Every marketing opportunity to stand out and outshine your competitors should be taken into consideration. LumaMedia is the perfect way to light up your fleet graphics and be seen 24/7 on the road, generating even more reach and attracting your target audience to buy from you.  


Contact Us to Discuss Your Interest in LumaMedia

Now that you know how to get the most out of LumaMedia technology, we encourage you to contact us and set up an appointment so we can help you take your graphic designs to another level with innovation and style. We are sure that we have the perfect solution for your visual needs right here at our signage company in Nashville.

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