Signage nightmares exist, and they’re mostly related to poor design. Don’t be guilty of making any of these design mistakes on your signs.

Common Design Mistakes You Want to Avoid on Your Next Sign

Ordering a new sign can be a very exciting venture, but when the sign doesn’t perform as you expected, that excitement turns into disappointment. Spare yourself the suffering and ensure the quality of your sign design, because making any of these mistakes is not going to get you the results you’re expecting.

Sign mistakes to avoid
These basic sign design mistakes can sabotage the effectiveness of your sign

Mistake #1: A Sign Without a Purpose

When you forget what the goal of your sign is, it is quite likely you’ll end up with tons of ideas crammed up into one sign. Too much distraction is confusing and unappealing.

Mistake #2: Lack of Consistency Across Branding

If you already have an established design for your brand, stick with it. Your signs should align with your branding, too. A sign that doesn’t represent your brand will always look like it doesn’t belong and customers can tell.

Mistake #3: Running Away from White Space

It’s OK. You don’t have to fill every inch of white space with graphics and text to engage with your customers. A very busy sign will complicate legibility and people are most likely going to ignore it.

Mistake #4: Signs with No Contrast

When the foreground and background colors blend, legibility is lost, especially when there’s little to no contrast in the design. To increase readability, make sure you use darker backgrounds with lighter lettering.

The only thing you can expect from signs like these is for people to look away, which is clearly the opposite of what you want. By having a team of experts working with you on the design, execution, and installation of your sign, you can be sure it will perform as expected and render the results you need. At Palladium Signs, we have full-service creative capabilities to help you design a great and effective sign.

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