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  • Hands Down, Vehicle Wraps are Superior to Custom Paint Jobs

    LumaMedia Technology

    5 Reasons Why Vehicle Wraps are Superior to Custom Paint Jobs Before you consider having your vehicle repainted, you should read this article. In it, we will outline all of the reasons why vinyl vehicle wraps are superior to having your car repainted entirely. #1. The Cost A custom paint job runs in the range of a few thousand dollars, and that’s without custom graphics that have been airbrushed and applied by a specialist. In the […]

  • Create a Positive Impact and Advertise on the Go!

    Custom Vehicle Wraps

    With a vehicle wrap from Palladium Signs, you can transform your company’s fleet into a moving advertising tool to attract your target audience’s attention and promote your business, product, or services. What are the advantages of vehicle wraps, and why it should be one of the advertisements you choose to use for your marketing efforts? To answer these questions, we will give you some advantages of using custom vehicle wraps.   3 Advantages of High-Quality […]