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  • The Future of Signage

    We here at Palladium are renowned for our holographic signs. They represent the cutting edge of a design process that has spanned millennia. It’s been a staple of science fiction books and movies and is now available for commercial purposes. While for many businesses, it’s not the most cost-effective option, and to be sure, more traditional approaches to sign-based marketing are still quite effective, holographic signs are some of the absolute coolest things you can […]

  • Add a Future-Like Feel to Your Products with Holographic Displays

    holographic sign

    Futuristic and Cutting Edge Feel Holographic displays provide a more realistic experience as it allows potential customers to see three-dimensional graphics of your products. This type of signs is the perfect signage solution for modern companies who want to display high-end products at retail and exhibition environments. Holographic Display Benefits Effective Advertising Tool Holographic signs are especially appealing because they appear to be floating in mid-air. Product launch or brand message communication come alive. These floating-like 3D images allow people to […]