We here at Palladium are renowned for our holographic signs. They represent the cutting edge of a design process that has spanned millennia. It’s been a staple of science fiction books and movies and is now available for commercial purposes. While for many businesses, it’s not the most cost-effective option, and to be sure, more traditional approaches to sign-based marketing are still quite effective, holographic signs are some of the absolute coolest things you can spend your marketing budget on.

How Do Holographic Displays Work?

3D content make use of a projector installation that uses 2d slices of geometric shapes. They can play videos that were rendered in a special kind of software that is capable of recording from multiple angles simultaneously. They are used in trade exhibitions and by retailers that want to give fantastic demos or display products in a way that is sure to shock and amaze. On the customer side, the improve brand recognition and increase brand value. It’s one of the reasons that Palladium specializes in this cutting edge signage. For folks that want to be a cut above the rest, it puts them in a league that very few can enter. As a distributor and manufacturer of holographic displays, Palladium has established itself as just such a business. So we know what it takes.

Are Holographic Displays Right For You?

The goal of any marketing technique is to increase sales volume, but holographic displays are likely to be more than most marketing budgets can produce. That being said, they’re a great way to introduce a new product at a trade show, especially for those that want to attract attention away from the other competitors. If it’s attention you want for your product, then holographic displays are a sure fire way to get just that. The technology is new enough to still be enthralling, and larger companies are investing holographic displays to introduce new products to the market with something that’s sure to stick around in your memory.

Interested in Holographic Displays?

Palladium streamlines the process as much as possible for our customers. If you’re interested in a holographic display anywhere on the East Coast, we can talk about your individual needs and set you up with a quote as early as today. Interested? Contact us!

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