Old fashioned signage never went out of style. Even with breakthroughs in technology, and digital signs, old-fashioned neon or simple boards say a lot about your brand and can attract the attention of passersby. Even as we enter an age in which so much of our commerce is done online, the impact and reach of logo become that much more important. Signs are just as vital in cyberspace as they in traditional space. And for both, an eye-catching logo that represents your brand defines your presence across all areas.

Credibility is the Key

All of the other keys boil down to credibility. Logos need to be individualized and say something about who you are, what’s important to you, and what you can offer. They must also be simple. A slick, streamlined design communicates confidence in your brand. A logo should be appealing, and also easy to identify. If it’s composed of words, they should be easy to read, but also avoid appearing amateurish. Commonly used fonts convey a sense of being run of the mill. Being overly ornate can seem unsophisticated. Understated, with a sense of presence, is the Goldilocks zone for a logo. Simple. Elegant. Distinct. But also, you want your logo to be versatile. It must work with many mediums. That includes website banners, digital signs, fliers, business cars, and company related marketing materials.

Remember Your Customer

They’re the ones you’re marketing to. It’s going to be essential to consider your target audience without losing a sense of yourself. That often means drawing on your own experience, understanding your market. It also means creating good memories for your customers. When they associate your brand with a good experience, it’s the logo that’s going to connect the two, which brings us to our last element.

A Good Logo is Timeless

A company like Nike hasn’t changed their logo in almost 50 years, and in another 50 years, Nike will still be using that same logo. It’s virtually impossible to hear the term “Nike” without visualizing that logo. Their marketing campaign, paired with their craftsmanship, has created generation after generation of loyal customers.

Palladium Can Help You

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