Fleet Graphics

Fleet Graphics and Vehicle Wraps are the Most Cost Effective Advertising

Whether you operate a fleet of 2,000 trucks or rely on a single van to deliver your products and services, fleet graphics will transform your vehicles into cost effective media assets, powerful enough to drive brand awareness, generate sales, and increase business growth.
 fleet graphics from Nashville based Palladium Signs
The Power to Reach – even a single city truck with graphics can generate up to 16 million visual impressions in a year. Truck side ads broaden the reach of a national, regional, or local campaign; add variety, frequency, and value to a broadcast campaign, or as a stand alone campaign. Advertisers also turn to truck side advertising to penetrate markets with restricted or limited outdoor advertising, as well as in saturated markets.
The Power to Impress – study after study ranks fleet graphics as the most cost-effective and influential advertising media available
  • 97% of survey respondents recalled the ad on the truck
  • 98% thought the ads created a positive image of the advertiser
  • 96% thought fleet graphics had more impact than billboards
  • American drivers spend and average of 3 hours in their vehicle everyday. Research


A Part of Your Brand

There’s much more to fleet advertising than installing a vehicle wrap on each company vehicle. You need to think strategically in order to advertise effectively. The design needs to be integrated with your brand. Customers remember an extraordinary amount of what they see on vehicles despite only being exposed to the ads for a few seconds. After one impression, 80% of people can remember details about the advertisement; this number jumps to 91% if the customer is exposed regularly to the ads. Thus, it’s important that the ads use the same colors, text and logo as the rest of your branding. Otherwise, it will confuse customers and interfere with your brand recognition.

Keep the following in mind:
  • The less ad copy the better. People only have a few seconds to see your ad, and a vehicle wrap cluttered with copy will overwhelm or confuse them.
  • Don’t use generic pictures in your ad, such as an air conditioner, house or mop and broom. These pictures don’t tell people who you are and what you do.
  • Make sure to have your brand, tagline, web address and phone number on your design, so people can contact you easily.
  • What set’s you apart from the rest? A professional design can easily and quickly make you stand out from your competition and leave viewers with a visual memory of your company that they can draw from when they are in need of your services.
How Effective is Fleet Advertising?
A main benefit of fleet advertising is that it is noticeable and highly influential on viewers’ buying decisions. Studies from the Outdoor Advertising Association of America reveal several important benefits of this type of advertising:
  • 56% of people assume a company is successful if they see fleet advertising.
  • 29% of people base their buying decision on fleet advertising.
  • Of frequent commuters—those most likely to be exposed to fleet advertising—27% don’t read newspapers and 74% don’t watch TV news. However, these commuters are important targets, as they generally have the power to make buying decisions.
These statistics reveal that fleet advertising gets people’s attention and improves the odds that they will make purchases. Fleet advertisements are 15 times more effective in creating brand recognition than any other form of advertising, improving brand awareness and boosting a company’s reputation. Research and Fast Facts
Costs of Fleet Advertising
Fleet advertising is generally considered a cost-effective marketing method. When you advertise on television or in the newspaper, you don’t have control over when, where or how the advertisement is displayed. You do have control over what advertisements are placed on your fleet and where your vehicles travel.
Fleet advertising is generally cheaper than other forms of advertising. The average cost per thousand impressions of a fleet ad is just 48 cents. In comparison, television ads are $23.70 per thousand impressions, and newspaper ads are $19.70 for the equivalent number of impressions.
Your Target Demographic
As with any type of advertising, fleet advertising success depends on connecting your advertising and your target audience. With this type of advertising, you need to think about two things:
  • Where your target audience drives
  • Where your target audience shops
Both of these are important because of the nature of your advertising. Are you targeting people who are commuting via highway or via local roads? Don’t forget that people who are commuting by train or bus may see your advertisement through the train or bus window.
Fleet advertisements come into play not only when your fleet is driving, but also when it’s parked. People walking in parking lots are also exposed to the advertisements on parked vehicles–don’t forget them when making your plans.
Consider Creative Advertising Methods
There are many creative ways to do fleet advertising. Consider running a contest to generate interest in your fleet and business. If your fleet advertisement is distinctive – and it should be to attract attention – challenge people to take photos of your fleet and submit them to your company’s social media page. If they submit the photo, they receive a discount. Not only does this encourage people to look for your advertisement specifically, but it also drives traffic to your social media pages.