Vinyl car wrapping for your Fort Collins business has several clear advantages over typical paint. For those that are considering turning their company vehicles into bonafide moving advertisement consider some of the advantages before making your final choice.

Vinyl Car Wrapping is Typically Cheaper Than a Paint Job

It’s true. A full on paint job can run you over $10,000 for one company vehicle. Consider that in contrast to a vinyl car wrap which generally won’t cost you more than $5,000, and that’s for very large vehicles like tour buses. If you’re concerned about the fact that you only plan a very modest addition to your vehicle, and don’t want to pay for a full wrap, partial vinyl wraps are available as well.

Vinyl Wrapping Won’t Devalue Your Vehicle

If you paint your company logo on the outside of your company van, then chances are, whoever buys it is going to want to paint over it at their own cost, or you will have to have the vehicle repainted to sell it. With a vinyl vehicle wrap, all you have to do is remove the wrap, and there you go, it’s ready to sell. Meanwhile, the vinyl vehicle wrap will also protect the vehicles already existing paint job, while the paint on the vehicle won’t.

Vinyl Wraps Take Less Time to Install

As if the virtues of vinyl wrapping weren’t already apparent, a major paint job will take a lot longer to install than a vinyl wrap. A typical amount of time for a is around 3 days, while paint jobs can take a week or longer.

Vehicle Wraps are Easy to Maintain

If you’re not into waxing your car once a week, then vinyl car wraps are for you. You need only give them a once over with soap and water, and your vehicle will look like new.

Need a Vinyl Car Wrap?

Palladium has state of the art facilities for installing vinyl wraps for your company vehicle. Contact us for a quote!

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