Stats Detail the Importance of Business Signage to Nashville Based Companies

One of the first things that a new Nashville business has to do is to determine how to spend their marketing budget. For those with walk-in customers the order of priorities must begin with outdoor business signage. The reality is that, while internet marketing is still important, businesses that have walk-in customer’s need to be able to appeal their clientele’s standards for professionalism, and as research shows, that includes impeccable business signage.

While internet outreach, print advertising, radio advertising, and television advertising remain important to many businesses, the truth is also that exterior business signage is the first place almost every business is going to want to start. Here’s why.

76% of Those Polled Say They Have Stopped into a Business Just Because They Liked the Sign

76% of people surveyed said they’ve gone into a business just because they were attracted there by great signage. 3 out of 4 indicated that they told others about a business because they appreciated the business’s sign. On top of that, businesses with great signage tended to create a more favorable impression on customers after the experience of shopping there. 68% of people polled believe that exterior business signage indicated high quality products and services while poor business signage indicated a lesser quality of goods or services.

60% said that a business that had no signage would be a major deterrent for them to do business there.

Palladium Signs Offers Greater Nashville Area Businesses the Cutting Edge in Marketing Strategy

Palladium prides itself on being one of the most up-to-date companies in the area in terms marketing innovations and technology. We offer a broad range of services to the Greater Nashville Area and have done work for businesses all across the East Coast. Let our company help yours. Contact us today!

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