How to Effectively Deploy Monument Signs

Monument signs are among the most beautiful and the most costly options for various businesses. While monument signs can be made out of just about anything, often times they’re hand carved from stone which gives them unparalleled sophistication and class. That being said, they’re not going to work for everything, and like most signs, their effectiveness depends primarily on what your business is, and more importantly, how you business is situated on the street.

Technically speaking, a monument sign is any sign that is situated primarily on the ground. The generally rise to no more than six feet, which puts them at eye level. They’re effective in certain situations for attracting both car and foot traffic.

Monument Signs For Retailers

You’ll almost never see a monument sign advertising a retail business, but there are some instances in which it will work. Particularly, if a retailer is situated in an urban setting, where the streets tend not to be overly wide, but the building itself is set off the main sidewalk, a monument sign is an excellent and effective way to attract customers. On larger suburban streets that tend to be wider, you’ll see more pylon signs because they need to be able to attract customers from a distance.

Monument Signs for Real Estate Developers

One of the most popular usages for monument signs is by real estate developers that want to advertise their residential community. Monument signs are an ideal way to attract prospective tenants and advertise apartments for rent and contact information. Monument signs are versatile enough to display dynamic information, and some of the newest monument signs are digital.

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