A lot of thought goes into writing a good headline. Applying these best practices will guide you to headline success.

5 Tips for Writing Solid, Attention-Grabbing Headlines

Headlines are incredibly important in the advertising world. With just a few words, their job is to draw people in so you get a chance to communicate your message. It’s critical to do it the right way; otherwise, the opportunity for a sale will close its door on your face, shifting your audience’s attention to a different direction. If you are looking for tips to create enticing headlines, you came to the right place.

Consider the Headlines You Find Attractive

Before your wheels start turning, take a moment to think about those headlines that are alluring to you. What makes you want to continue to read an article or what makes you turn the page? A compelling headline will immediately make you feel eager to know more. How would you react to your own headlines if you were reading them for the first time?

Don’t be Scared to Open with an Offer

Sometimes is good to cut to the chase. Don’t be afraid you’ll come off too aggressive. If you’re offering a great deal that your customers must know about, tell them and save yourself and your audience the time.

Tips for Effective Headlines

Avoid Overdoing the Question/Answer Headline

It’s common, yes. It seems natural, but it really isn’t. The question/answer headline has become popular, but it can be risky to use if not done properly. Make sure you wisely choose the question, because if your customers have a negative answer, you’ll lose them right from the get-go.

Use the Benefits as a Hook

What do you have to offer that your competition doesn’t? You can use that to your advantage by adding it to your headline. It will certainly make people stop and consider it. Just make sure you can live up to the expectations you’re setting.

Don’t Let People Forget You

Statement headlines are usually effective, but before you decide on it, analyze your target audience, the product or service you’re advertising and the message you’re trying to deliver. If it makes sense, go ahead and use a catchy statement as your headline.

Great Signs with Powerful Headlines

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